Amanda Lingle is our daughter and part-time appointment scheduler, bather, head minion in charge, gopher and tech-support. She graduated from ISU with a Bachelors in History go Bengals! She plans to attend North Carolina University for her Masters and she hopes to become a museum archivist after college. 

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Amanda Lingle

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Don Lingle is Ambers husband and shop manager. He was born in Montana and raised in Mountain Home. He spent 12 years in the military and 15 years traveling for a wet bench manufacturer. The past 7 years he has been living the dream and working with his wonderful wife of 20 + years. Don's e-mail is

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Tim and Josh are our bathers they are both nice guys that the dogs enjoy!

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Amber Lingle was born in Boise, Idaho, trained for grooming dogs and cats in Garden City and has groomed in California, Minnesota and Idaho since 1989. Amber was head Groomer at Bark and Meow Company in California and worked at Petco and Zamzows in Nampa for 11 years. She is now the owner of the shop and also raises Chihuahua's, Poodle's, Chi-poo's and has puppies a few times a year. Ambers cell phone is 208-505-7442 and her e-mail is




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